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Recipes from Normandy:

Apple pie

Pot au feu

Sole meuniere

Veal stew

About the Normandy region:

The Normandy region is known worldwide thanks to the allies decision to invade France in there Normandy during world war II. The name of Normandy comes from the vikings, also known in France as Normand (Man from the North). The vikings eventually settled there in Normandy and gave their name to the region.

Location: west of France, along the Channel sea, north of Brittany

Main cities: Caen, Rouen, Saint Lo

Places to visit: The abbey of Mont Saint Michel on its rocky tidal island and its surrounding bay is one of the most popular tourist attractions in France. The beaches of the D-Day are of one of the most significant event in modern history. The allies targetted 6 beaches between Carentan and Caen in Calvados and Cotentin. Further north, the cliffs of Etretat are spectacular and famous for the natural arch of Manneporte.

Food and wine: There are many cattle and many pastures of green and gold in Normandy. People here have a savoir faire and they produce a wide range of cow cheese from the world famous camembert to the typical Pont l'Eveque and Livarot. There are no wine from Normandy but the region is home to some of the finest apples in the country. Normandy is an important cider producer and Calvados (the name of a department) a typical apple brandy.

Weather: oceanic, cool and rainy winter, warm summer

Recipes from the Normandy region : Apple pie - Pot au feu  - Sole meuniere - Veal stew


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